Merriwa Showground is regularly used by many local clubs within our community. Even though the showground has many facilities, there are still a lot of improvements that need to be undertaken. Representatives from each Merriwa Club that use the Showground are on the Showground Management Committee along with a Council Officer. This committee works together to ensure that their club and the community can benefit from the showground and improve its appearance and practicability.

You may have seen the lovely yards that are being erected on the highway side of the showground along with the new arena fence. These yards were able to be purchased and erected thanks to the great sponsorship and hard work of the local community and local club members.

There are many more improvements needed at the showground that have been considered to be undertaken over the next ten (10) years, these improvements include:

  • Arena irrigation system
  • Upgrade announcers box 
  • Upgrade secretaries office 
  • Install fresh water tanks  
  • Tree planting program – including around the new yards 
  • Upgrade water pipes and install more tap outlets 
  •  Increase power outlets  
  • Upgrade stud cattle and horse stall facilities  
  • Install more wash bays

Sponsor A Panel is the concept that the committee are launching, this concept allows any person or organisation to sponsor a panel within the showground whether it be a ring fence panel or a yard panel.

Sponsor A Panel.pdf

For further information please contact our show secretary.