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Merriwa Springtime Show offers a wide variety of Horse Events consisting of a District Ring, Pony, Hack, Galloway Rings, Heavy Horses, Show Jumping and Classes Catering for Most Breeds. We also offer an Australian Stock Horse Challenge with Junior, Juvenile and Open Events as well as a full Ring Program.

Schedule - Horses By-Laws, 2019

Schedule - Australian Stock Horse Challenges, 2019

Schedule - Australian Stock Horses, 2019

ASH Challenge Entry Form

Enquiries, Mark Whale - 0429 482 389

Schedule - Updated Campdraft, 2019

Nomination through Campdraft Central, 

Enquiries, Jamie Edmonds - 0428 308 010 

Megan Richards -

Schedule - District Classes, 2019

Enquiries, Clare Martin, 

Schedule - Heavy Horses, 2019

Enquiries, Michael Carey - 0402 283 789

Schedule - Show Jumping, 2019

Enquiries, Paula Hockings - 0429 149 890

Schedule - Open Horse Classes, 2019

Open Ring Judges - Sunday

  • Josh Adams
  • Jo Hunt
  • Tiffany Allen


Waivers need to be completed by anyone at the Show who is competing in horse events. The Agricultural Societies Council has created a single waiver that covers all animal handing activities.  You can either use the individual version of this waiver or a bulk entrants version is also available.



Stable Booking

Stables may be reserved for $10 per Stable for the duration of the show. Additionally no portable yards will be permitted due to limited parking space. The committee reserve the right to limit the number of stalls per exhibitor. Please fill in and return booking form to the show secretary, payment can be made by direct deposit or by cheque. No payment, no stable. 

Horse Stable Booking Form, 2019