Young Farmer

The Young Farmer Competition is NOT RUNNING in 2018

The Young Farmer Competition (YFC) is an event where young farmers (18 – 30yrs) compete to perform tasks they may encounter working on a rural property in our local district.

These tasks include, but are not limited to, butchering, fencing, cattle and sheep work, bike operation, welding, plant identification, job interviews etc.

All contestants have to perform a set task in a set time. They are all working at different tasks in a wagon wheel system at the same time, then move to their next task after their time has completed.

It will take the best part of the day to complete all these tasks.The contestants’ work is marked on safety, knowledge, ability, attitude and other such requirements, depending on the task.

Safety is a big issue when working on the land. Therefore safety is a big part of our marking. Even though we are working against the clock, plenty of time is allowed to complete the task.

Merriwa first ran this competition in 2009.