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 2017 Merriwa Show What’s on When


2017 Merriwa Schedule Cover and

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All cattle, sheep and goats exhibited at shows must be recorded in the NLIS database. This ensures exhibitors and shows comply with the Stock Diseases Regulation 2009 and that animals which have been to a show or sporting event are traceable.

Shows are a biosecurity risk because animals from different properties come together and then disperse again. It is in everyone’s interests that show committees and exhibitors ensure livestock movements are recorded.

The new Biosecurity (NLIS) Regulation will come into effect by June 2017 and will require that show organisers record livestock attendance at shows. This is an increase in responsibility for show committees. All cattle, sheep and goats have to be identified with an NLIS tag (except for dairy goats) and must be accompanied by an NVD or a Transported Stock Statement.

2017 Working Dog Agility

2017 Graziers Cup & Log Splitting

2017 Section A – Horses

Sunday Open Ring 1 Judge Mardi Mangan, Ring 2  Ellie Mangan, Ring 3 Candice Carol

2017 Section B – Cattle

Attention: STUD CATTLE pre paid entries only!

2017 Section C – Sheep

2017 Section D – Wool

2017 Section E – Dog Jumping

2017 Section G – Produce

2017 Section H – Needle & Fancy Work

2017 Section I – Horticulture

2017 Section J – Cooking

2017 Section K – Art

2017 Section L – Photography

2017 Section N – Craft

2017 Section P – Preserves

2017 Section R – Young Farmer Comp

2017 Section S – Poultry

Entries close 11 September 2017!

2017 Section T – Interschool Challenge

2017 Farm Dog Challenge

Entries close 8 September 2017!

Showgirl Competition

2017 Regulations