Stable Booking: Stable Bookings 2018

Once payment has been confirmed you will receive an email from the secretary confirming your stable allocation

Market Stalls & Display sites

Please ensure that your application has been approved & payment made in full prior to show day

Market stalls – Equipment – Machinery – Display Stalls – Booking Form 2018

Entry Forms:

ASH Challenge Entry Form



All cattle, sheep and goats exhibited at shows must be recorded in the NLIS database. This ensures exhibitors and shows comply with the Stock Diseases Regulation 2009 and that animals which have been to a show or sporting event are traceable.

Shows are a biosecurity risk because animals from different properties come together and then disperse again. It is in everyone’s interests that show committees and exhibitors ensure livestock movements are recorded.

The new Biosecurity (NLIS) Regulation will come into effect by June 2017 and will require that show organisers record livestock attendance at shows. This is an increase in responsibility for show committees. All cattle, sheep and goats have to be identified with an NLIS tag (except for dairy goats) and must be accompanied by an NVD or a Transported Stock Statement.

All competitors must hand in a signed waiver form upon entry to the show. For the respective waiver form(s) see below.



Waivers should be completed by anyone at the Show who is:

* competing in horse events

* responsible for handling animals

* competing in physical activities such as rodeo, Wife Carrying, demolition derby, wood chop, young farmers’ challenge, chainsaw racing, hay stacking, etc.

The Agricultural Societies Council has created a single waiver that covers all these activities.  You can either use the individual version of this waiver or a bulk entrants version is also available.

MULTI-PURPOSE WAIVER (individual)                                                                     MULTI-PURPOSE WAIVER (bulk)

Note:  Waivers do not need to be signed by Pavillion entrants or for entry into a petting zoo.

The obsolete waivers below are still legally valid if you prefer to use them.  Please note, they will be phased out by 1 December 2018.

Exhibitor Waivers for Events Involving Animals

Waivers for Individuals


31_8_2016_Animal Handler Waiver (not including horses)_FILLABLE

31_8_2016_Horse Waiver_FILLABLE

Waivers for Groups and Bulk Entrants

31_8_2016_Animal Handler Waiver (Bulk & Group)_FILLABLE

For group horse entrants, please use the individual Horse Waiver above


Exhibitor Waivers for Events NOT Involving Animals

Waivers for Individuals

31_8_2016_General Participant Waiver_FILLABLE

Waivers for Groups and Bulk Entrants

31_8_2016_General Participant Waiver (Bulk & Groups)_FILLABLE


Other Waivers

Johnes Declaration Stud Cattle

Release & Indemnity Agreement to be signed in exchange for being allowed to enter the show ground with a motor vehicle:

Ringside Parking Release Form